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We are “friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors, and community coming together” .

Our organization was founded by a group of individuals  whose mission is to ease the financial & emotional burden and brighten the path of the residents of Tallapoosa County as they navigate through their cancer journey.



About Us

Janet Austin, Chairman

Bree Walton, Treasurer

Stacey Benton

Katlin Baker  

Kim Dunn 

Carla Reese 


Tallapoosa’s Caring REFUGE’s board constitutes a group of individuals and friends whose lives have all been impacted by cancer.

Our board brings members with 10 plus years experience of fundraising and event planning.


Our passion and vision is that the money and funds raised in Tallapoosa County will be allocated locally and be readily available to help our residents at any given time.


Our Board of Directors are committed to making Tallapoosa’s Caring REFUGE a successful joint venture and reality for the residents of Tallapoosa County.

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