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Funded in large by donations and community fundraising efforts, we strive to brighten the path as our friends and neighbors navigate through their cancer journey.


All donations and services provided to this organization will be returned to support the people of Tallapoosa County.  We would like for you to join us today and brighten the journey of a cancer patient.

First, we would like to say THANK YOU for the tremendous support that we have received thus far! We have been blessed with numerous private donations, been the recipient of a few local fundraisers, had the opportunity to speak to several groups within Tallapoosa County, participated in a couple of fall festivals, and had AMAZING support from so many individuals/businesses as we have prepared for our first fundraiser. These first few months have been extremely busy, emotionally challenging, eye opening, and very humbling to say the least. However, because of the generosity of so many of you in our community, we have been able to assist  local individuals who are currently battling cancer. We have been able to provide financial assistance for rent, utilities, copays, prescriptions, and other medical bills. This is super exciting for us, and we consider it such an honor to be a part of God's plan for providing  "REFUGE" to those around us who are currently "fighting the fight."


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If mailing check,

Please mail to:

Tallapoosa's Caring REFUGE, INC

2036 Cherokee Road Suite 25

Alexander City, AL 35010

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